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Writing as Bev Oz

My other pen name is Bev Oz.  There.  I’ve finally peeked out from behind the closet door.  To be fair, let me tell you Bev Oz doesn’t write BDSM or erotica, but she does (is it weird I’m talking about myself in the third person here?) write some fabulous and funny romance.  I hope you enjoy the writing and the stories.


When Hell Freezes Over - By Bev Oz

Six-year-old Cecilia Monroe has written her Christmas wish letter with a magic pen, asking Santa to help prevent the hotel she and her mother live in and where her mother works from being sold. Santa has to bring in reinforcements, Jack Frost and Krista Claus to grant this Christmas wish.
However, Jack and Krista have their hands full. The man selling the hotel turns out to have an agenda beyond getting rid of the property to start a new life in California, and the situation becomes more complicated when the seventy-three year old registration desk clerk is convinced hotel guests Jack and Krista are CIA agents!

Rating: Hot
Page Count: 72

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When Hell Freezes Over


Far From Silent Night - By Bev Oz

David White has been on the reality TV show, Marry a Single Guy, and is about to lose his mind from women chasing him. At Christmas he makes his break and runs off to the Colorado mountains to his grandfather's old cabin to hide out for a while only to find a sexy woman in an elf outfit standing on his roof screaming for "Daddy."

Rating: Hot 
Page Count: 62

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Far From Silent Night