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Touched by Midas

Seal On Fire

As a Navy SEAL, Michael “Midas” Baudine trains countless hours to prepare for combat. But a man can’t train for luck, so preserving his “Midas touch” good fortune is something he takes seriously, and he'll go to extreme measures to get his team on-board with his pre-mission, luck-assuring routines. He accepts a challenge from his team—get the sexy but uptight teacher, who blocks his advances at every turn, to the rock concert a week from today, and they’ll comply.

With a crazy rock star dad and top supermodel mom, Angie Summers was once a wild child but, wanting more out of life, has done her best to live under the radar of fame. She’s even assumed a secret identity and found a job teaching at Naval Station Rota, Spain. Her attempt at a “normal” life is quickly turned on its ear when a hot-as-hell Navy SEAL sweet talks her into a date she’ll never forget and may eventually regret.

While spending time with the muscle-bound sailor unleashes Angie’s need to let the wild child out to play, which could threaten her anonymity, Midas finds himself on the precipice of breaking the first rule of luck—never fall for a woman.

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Touched by Midas

SEALs on Fire

Seal On Fire

The SEALs are here!  The Sassy Seven authors newest series SEALs On Fire, about seven seriously sexy stories about eight Navy SEALs looking to blow off a little steam in the Florida Keys is now available – in PAPERBACK!

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SEALs on Fire

Dagger’s Edge

Dagger's Edge - By Brenna Zinn

My book, Dagger’s Edge, will have you laughing, sweating with sexual heat, and in tears.  Trust me when I tell you this story has it ALL


Though well hidden, deep scars from Dean "Dagger" Gregory's troubled past have influenced each important decision he's ever made, including joining the military and keeping his distance from his best friend's sister, Mia Benson, the only woman he's ever loved. But after Dagger's friend strong-arms him into checking on the feisty redhead during his leave in Key West, he finds himself under sexual attack and with no desire—or willpower—to retreat.


“Oh, I get it. So you’re afraid of my brother.” The prod was so easy to think of. Surely Dean wouldn’t be able to resist this carrot.

To her delight, his hand still holding hers tightened. Deep furrows dug into the skin between his brows.

“I’ve never been afraid of another man in my life.” True to form, his voice dripped with indignation.

 “Then kiss me.”

The challenge tumbled from her mouth as any glib remark might—little emotion, all quick banter. Her expectation for his accepting the goad was low. He wasn’t exactly known for doing just anything when provoked, especially when the poke came from her.

In the milliseconds while she waited for his response through word or action, the world seemed to stop spinning.  Her heart suddenly lodged in her throat.  Her pulse raced in her veins as though she’d taken some kind of drug spiked with adrenaline. The dare and his reply took on a meaning she’d never intended. But there it was. More than ever before, she wanted his kiss.  She needed his kiss. Hadn’t she loved him long enough to finally deserve to have her lips touch his?
“Please, Dean,” Mia whispered earnestly.  She stared at him, hoping he’d read the desperate pleading she tried to convey through her eyes. “Just one kiss.”

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Dagger’s Edge

When a Lady Meets a King

When a Lady Meets a King - by Brenna Zinn

Lady Pembrook went to great lengths, traveling thousands of miles and assuming a false identity, to satisfy her fantasy­­ of a one night stand with a real Texas cowboy. But can she fulfill her dream of a naughty sexual encounter after discovering a mysterious stranger in dark sunglasses threatens to expose her scandalous behavior in America?

Though riding bulls and taming wild horses aren't the only risks Burton King has taken in a lifetime of working on a ranch, nothing scarred him deeper than falling for the wrong woman. When he finds a damsel in distress, will the oath he swore to never get involved with another woman keep him from finding the woman of his dreams?

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When A Lady Meets A King

Private Showing

Private Showing - by Brenna Zinn

Gianna Romano has a dream, and opening her own restaurant has been a lifelong commitment requiring strict dedication and personal sacrifice. Now that her goal is almost within her grasp, she’s not about to jeopardize everything for a relationship with her next door neighbor. She can’t afford to lose focus and doesn’t have time for a man. Not even the sexy Scot with a delicious accent who wants to unleash her lust and make her a permanent fixture in his life, as well as his bed.

Kept at a distance by the strong-willed woman he desires, Colin McPherson faces the most agonizing decision of his life. The time has come to give up his lucrative computer security job and return home to take his place in the family business.

But Colin can’t leave without getting at least a taste of Gianna. Just how far will he go to satisfy his hunger? And after a night of explosive passion, how can he walk away?

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Private Showing (Toys-4-Us)

His At Last

His At Last - by Brenna Zinn

For ten long years, Carter Lang’s secret desire for Leslie Brighten burned relentlessly. His secretary and fifteen years his junior, Leslie was off limits—a potential liability Carter refused to chance. But on the day of his early retirement, Carter discovers Leslie in an erotic situation that not only changes his mind about pursuing the beautiful object of his intense passion, it will change his life forever.



Going Down

Going Down - by Brenna Zinn

What does one hunky Navy Seal plus a blizzard equal on Valentine's Day for Michelle Bishop?  One hot night in an elevator with nowhere to go and no electricity to get there. Add a holiday gift basket from Valentino's that's full of candles, body paint, and chocolate wine, and going down on an elevator becomes a Valentine experience Michelle will never forget.

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Going Down (Decadent Publishing)

Naughty Sleepover

Naughty Sleepover - by Brenna Zinn

Available in paperback!!

Who wouldn't love a Naughty Sleepover with a very sexy guy? Seven women in seven hot stories meet the men who rock their boat in San Antonio's historic Menger Hotel. The hotel is famous for its ghosts but after reading these stories you'll agree it's famous for a lot more - erotic adventures in luxurious settings and sex hot enough to burn up the Egyptian cotton sheets.

You'll fall in love with these bright, funny, tempting women and fall in lust with the men they meet.

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Naughty Sleepover (Decadent Publishing)

Destination Pleasure Volume I

Destination Pleasure

Ever fantasize about going somewhere exotic? Want to make a memory that burns long after the trip is over? Nine women. Nine countries. Nine erotic adventures. Join them as each embarks on the trip of a lifetime. Sometimes it's the journey. This time it's the destination.

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Destination Pleasure Volume 1 / The Wild Rose Press

Mi Toro

Mi Toro

In Seville, Spain for what should be an easy shoot for the final pictures of her Men of the World – Revealed photo book, Diana Walters quickly discovers her model is not the usual pushover. But if she hands over control to matador Philippe Cordova, will she leave Spain with more than what she came for?

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Toro (Destination Pleasure) / The Wild Rose Press

The Sea Prince

The Sea Prince

Though terrified of the ocean, Shelly Merdock finds herself alone in Cancun on what should have been her honeymoon—but not for long. A handsome and very naked man strolls out of the surf and onto her patio, claiming to be her lifemate. He also believes he's a merman—the great, great grandson of Poseidon no less—and insists they have sex in the water within twenty-four hours to complete the marriage ritual. Crazier still, Shelly actually considers his offer. Who could resist? But can she place herself in the hands of the sexy stranger, beyond a night of shared intimacy, and shed her fear of the water to live with him in his palace under the sea?

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Sea Prince / The Wild Rose Press

Christmas Goes Camo

After years of attending military boarding schools and a career as an Army medical researcher, Lieutenant Colonel Axel Cole’s long awaited retirement from the world of physical fitness tests and any type of committment will come to an end with his next and last mission. Only a week before Christmas, he’ll determine if his experimental drug, Thermavan, maintains his internal body temperature at 98.7 degrees in the severe cold climate while he participates in training exercises at the South Pole, without the extreme sexual arousal and hallucinations of having wild sex with a six-foot warrior elf that he experienced the last time he tested the drug at the North Pole.

Tasha Tinsel, an accident prone member of Santa’s elite warrior force, the B.E.L.L.S. (Battle Elves trained in Logic warfare and Land defense Scouts), is just not like the other elves in Santa Claus’ crew. The product of a human father and an overbearing elf mother who wants nothing more than to see her daughter working in the toy factory like a regular elf, Tasha stands six foot in her green stockinged feet and towers above everyone in Santa’s village. Though she’s only a snowman’s breath away from losing her beloved position in the B.E.L.L.S. (who knew lighting reindeer farts would end with a blown up gun arsenal?), she’ll stop at nothing to stay on the force, help locate Santa’s second workshop on the South Pole, and then protect the site from anyone who stands in her way.

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Christmas Goes Camo a reader's choice Book of the Week
from The Long and Short of It, Whipped Cream Reviews.